BAPS zine vol.1

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『BAPS zine vol.1』創刊号!

BAPS zineの最新号がついに完成です!


BAPS zine vol.1 <創刊号>
A5size, フルカラー, バイリンガル(日・英)

BAPS zine vol.1 Contributor <寄稿者> ※順不同

T “Toy” Sunaga (Chief Editor/Writer/Designer/BAPS JAPON Founder)
Nikita Bitch Project (Burlesque Dancer/Associate Editor/Translator/Writer)
Mr. Snapper (Proofreader* (English) *Selected article)

HARAJUKU Jack's (Apparel shop)
Savoy Clothing (Apparel shop)
Pinups Select Shop (Apparel shop)
SHIGEMI (Hair & Makeup Artist from Quick Pinup)
Polka. (Hair Accessory Artist)
Psycho Apparel (Apparel shop)
Vallery's Trap (Apparel shop)
Ginger Designs (Illustrator, Pinstriper, Signwriter)
Cherry Typhoon (Burlesque Dancer)
Baron (Vaudevillian)
Soneman (Burlesque Enthusiast)
Love Attack (Burlesque Troupe)
Midweek Burlesque (Burlesque Show)

ONEQ (Illustrator)
Erochica Bamboo (Burlesque Dancer)

Special Thanks <特別参加者> ※順不同
Mark Mori (Filmmaker)
Coco Lectric (Burlesque Dancer)
Satan's Angel (Burlesque Legend)
Lady Weird (Handmade Creator/Designer/Illustrator)

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